Using SI Units in Astronomy

A multitude of measurement units exist within astronomy, some of which are unique to the subject, causing discrepancies that are particularly apparent when astronomers collaborate with researchers from other disciplines in science and engineering. The International System of Units (SI) is based on seven fundamental units from which other units may be derived, but many astronomers are reluctant to drop their old and familiar systems. ...

Revolutionaries of the Cosmos: The Astro-Physicists

Galileo, Newton, Herschel, Huggins, Hale, Eddington, Shapley and Hubble: these astronomers applied ideas drawn from physics to astronomy and made dramatic changes to the world-pictures that they inherited. They showed that celestial objects are composed of the same materials as the earth and that they behave in the same way. They displaced successively the earth, the sun and finally the milky way galaxy from being the centre of the u...

Planetesimals: Early Differentiation and Consequences for Planets

Processes governing the evolution of planetesimals are critical to understanding how rocky planets are formed, how water is delivered to them, the origin of planetary atmospheres, how cores and magnetic dynamos develop, and ultimately, which planets have the potential to be habitable. Theoretical advances and new data from asteroid and meteorite observations, coupled with spacecraft missions such as Rosetta and Dawn, have led to majo...

Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFO

Another quality tome on the study of the UFO phenomena. A very no-nonsense approach to a difficult subject. Worthy of an in-depth read by anyone who is attempting LEGITIMATE research in this field. The details of each incident jump off the page and truly make the reader question a lot of preconceived notions.

Zodiac Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Reception

The ancient mathematical basis of the Aramaic calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls is analysed in this investigation. Helen R. Jacobus re-examines an Aramaic zodiac calendar with a thunder divination text (4Q318) and the calendar from the Aramaic Astronomical Book (4Q208 - 4Q209), all from Qumran. Jacobus demonstrates that 4Q318 is an ancestor of the Jewish calendar today and that it helps us to understand 4Q208 - 4Q209. She argues that...

Réponse à l'écologisme: Comment La Connaissance Permet De Réfuter Les Peurs Entretenues

Face à la désinformation obtenue par la répétition du "prêt-à-penser écologiste" et sa pénétration généralisée dans les écoles, de la maternelle à l'enseignement supérieur, et dans notre règlementation, cet ouvrage propose un début de réponses critiques argumentées. Il est grand temps d'abandonner la religion de l'écologisme et les déclamations incantatoires pour nous tourner vers les sciences de l'environnement et de la santé.

Spectral Atlas for Amateur Astronomers

Featuring detailed commented spectral profiles of more than one hundred astronomical objects, in colour, this spectral guide documents most of the important and spectroscopically observable objects accessible using typical amateur equipment. It allows you to read and interpret the recorded spectra of the main stellar classes, as well as most of the steps from protostars through to the final stages of stellar evolution as planetary ne...


Die Bände der Reihe FISCHER KOMPAKT stellen ihre Themen auf knappem Raum und in prägnanter Weise dar. Sie bieten verlässliche uns kompetente Kurzdarstellungen bestimmter Wissensgebiete. Die Orientierungsleistung, die sie für den leser erbringen, erreichen sie auch durch eine optimale graphische Gestaltung. Diese gestaltung ist, neben den Umschlägen, ein hervorstechendes Kennzteichen der Reihe. Die profilierenden Stichworte für FISCHE...

Handbook on Solar Wind: Effects, Dynamics and Interactions

The solar wind is a stream of charged particles - a plasma - ejected from the upper atmosphere of the sun. It consists mostly of electrons and protons with energies of about 1 keV. These particles are able to escape the sun's gravity, in part because of the high temperature of the corona, but also because of high kinetic energy that particles gain through a process that is not well-understood at this time. The solar wind creates the ...