Meine Gitarrenfibel Band 1

Ein fröhliches Lehr- und Spielbuch- Kleine, leicht verständliche Lernschritte, die einen frühen Beginn ermöglichen- Melodiespiel, Liedbegleitung und einfaches Solospiel in kindgemäßer Form- Fotos, Zeichnungen und viele vierfarbige Kinderbuchillustrationen- Begleitstimmen für den Lehrer- Großes Notenbild. Die Gitarrenfibel von Heinz Teuchert ermöglicht eine neuzeitliche Gestaltung des frühen Einzel- und Gruppenunterrichts mit Kindern ...

Smoke on the Water: The Deep Purple Story

It is now 35 years since Deep Purple first came together and today — 14 musicians, 17 albums, and millions of record sales later — the group remains a monster. Smoke on the Water is the first book in more than 20 years to tell the story of this remarkable band, from their grandiose inception in 1968 to the release of their latest album in 2003. Drawing from candid interviews with band members, associates, and fans alike, it traces th...

Formal Functions in Perspective

Among the more striking developments in contemporary North American music theory is the renewed centrality of issues of musical form (Formenlehre). Formal Functions in Perspective presents thirteen studies that engage with musical form in a CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Black, L. Poundie Burstein, Andrew Deruchie, Julian Horton, Steven Huebner, Harald Krebs, Henry Klumpenhouwer, Nathan John Martin, François de Médicis, Christoph Neidhöfer, Jul...

Chicago Folk: Images of the Sixties Music Scene

Chicago Folk includes over 200 of Raeburn Flerlages’s photographs of folk musicians during the 1960s. No other book has presented a portrait of such a vibrant urban folk milieu, featuring popular performers such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, the Weavers, and so many others, but also a large number of traditional musicians, old and new, such as the New Lost City Ramblers, the Reverend Gary Davis, Booker White, Son House, Dock ...

The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook

A stunning visual guide to the history and development of all types of guitars, packed with detailed information and profiling everything from the legendary Martin flat-tops to Gibson's arch-tops guitars and Fender's twelve-string electrics. The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook is divided by type into nine chapters, each telling the full story of a major type of guitar. It is sub-divided geographically so the reader gets a global picture o...

Music for Children with Hearing Loss

Written by an expert in the field who is both a teacher and a teacher-educator, this book is an in-depth and practical resource for educators and parents who wish to introduce music to children with hearing loss. Author Lyn Schraer-Joiner makes a compelling case for offering music education to children with hearing loss before presenting a series of important and up-to-date teaching strategies meant to inform their educational experi...

Historical Dictionary of Choral Music

The human voice an incredibly beautiful and expressive instrument, and when multiple voices are unified in tone and purpose a powerful statement is realized. No wonder people have always wanted to sing in a communal context-a desire apparently stemming from a deeply rooted human instinct. Consequently, choral performance has often been related historically to human rituals and ceremonies, especially rites of a religious nature. This ...

Natural Fingering: A Topographical Approach to Pianism

Though incomplete at the time of his death in 1849, Chopin's Projet de méthode was nonetheless revolutionary in many respects. But with his Fundamental Pattern, Chopin announced the recognition, if not discovery, of the keyboard's extraordinary topographical symmetry and postulated a core formulation for a new "pianistic" pedagogy. More than a hundred years later the now-legendary Heinrich Neuhaus would passionately plead for this pe...

Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1957-1973 by Clinton Heylin

The first of two volumes, this companion to every song that Bob Dylan ever wrote is by far the most comprehensive book on the words of America’s greatest songwriter. Here you’ll find not just opinionated commentary or literary interpretation, but facts, first and foremost. Clinton Heylin is the world’s leading Dylan biographer and expert, and he has arranged the songs–including a number that have never been performed–in a continually...